Since I was little, I have always been passionate about animals and arts. I grew up in an pet lover family so since I was born I have always been around a lot of dogs and cats. When I was 8 years old, my cat Grisouille had her first litter of babies, with whom I grew up and who have been my most loyal companions. I love all these little floofs so much, I could never live without them!

In addition to my passion for animals, I also had a passion for arts, which also manifested itself when I was very young. Creativity has always been for me a form of expression and therapy.

In my late teens, I was unfortunately diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder. This was taking up too much space in my life, so it was difficult for me to reach out to people or start new projects. However, when I was around animals, or involved in creative projects, all that anxiety magically disappeared. I knew then that if I started a career, it would be to work with animals or arts, why not both? Why not have my own business? From this reflection was born Bilex Créations, my company, which allows me to blossom in what I love most in the world: animals and artistic creation. I invite you to discover my products which are the reflection of my two greatest passions!

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