Some cats don't really enjoy drinking water. And because of that, they can develop health issues. Indeed, if the cat does not drink enough water, its urine becomes very concentrated, which can develop urinary problems. That's why is super important that your cat drinks more water.

Here are some tips to stimulate your furry friend's water consumption:

1: Serve him cool water every day.

You can also put the water in the fridge a couple of hours before serving, it will improve the taste!

2: Get a water fountain. There are many water fountains available in the market. Cats really like to drink water from a moving source. However, try to get a fountain that won't be too noisy. If the sound of the fountain is too loud, it can scare them and they will not be tempted to use it. 

3: Keep water away from food and litter box.

4: Some cats prefer to drink from a transparent glass bowl.

5: Choose a bowl that is not too deep.

I hope my tips will be useful to you and your furry friend! You've got this!








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